Buy your favorite Paddington Bear pyjamas at Just character

Buy your favorite Paddington Bear pyjamas at Just character

So, just character is the store that provides the entire finest quality product for kids made with pure cotton fabric clothes. Following we have listed some of the products from Paddington Bear! 

Boys Paddington Bear London Pyjamas Set

This lovely long-sleeved top with the print of Paddington Bear on the front panel is manufactured with the finest quality of cotton fabric material which doesn’t let kids to discomfort. The bottom part of the product comes with an elasticated waist for easy wear and it is completely machine washable.

The size measurement for your reference-

Age / Height Guide 

 18-24 Months > Child Height Approx 86-92 Cm 

 2-3 Years > Child Height Approx 92-98 Cm 

 3-4 Years > Child Height Approx 98-104 Cm 

 4-5 Years > Child Height Up To 110 Cm 

Paddington Bear Toddler Pjs nightwear set

Buy this amazing nightwear for toddlers with the huge print of Paddington bear on the front panel. Your kids will love it with a long-sleeved top and elasticated bottom waist. The product is made of 100% finest quality cotton fabric which is machine washable for parents to wash. The blue colour of this top sleeve is attractive with the combination of the dark blue bottom. 

Paddington Bear Wallet ideal for School, Holidays or Days Out

Don't forget to enjoy the little moments for your kids while sending them to school or when traveling, these are the things that matter and give them a sense of the things to take with them. This wallet is perfect for your kids and also has a print of Paddington Bear on the front of the wallet. 

 Paddington Bear Trolley Bag

Get this trolley bag for your children's clothing so that it will be easier for you to keep their clothes extra while traveling, as kids wearing is the most important thing you need to take care of. This lightweight trolley with the large picture of Paddington bear on the front side is made of the finest quality material, featuring major portions with zip closures that are simple to open and close.

How to Teach Kids to Dress selves?

The time will come when your kids will no longer be wearing a choice of yours and start choosing on their own, in fact, you can’t deny it because everyone has been through it but the thing is will you be liking your kids wearing it? How do they dress? What are their choices? Unlike it, it all starts with how you taught them to dress up and what kind of material clothing you are providing them as kids. Always encourage and make them feel that they are looking stylish and fashionable, doing that may boost their sense of the clothing of what to wear and what should be avoided to wear. Parenting is difficult but getting your kids a set of clothes is satisfying for both you and your children, and choosing the perfect outfit will give them dressing flavor. 

Hence, to provide your kids quality clothing just character is now delivering you the right product of your choice at right time. We are the store that is aware and always trying to give our best to the children to make them feel comfortable and enjoy their time. 

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